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Can someone tell me if I am turning correctly?

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When the right arrow or left arrow key is pressed in my raycaster I am either -=1.0f or +=1.0f to my directional float. Each time the player moves the rays to be casted are pre-calculated in an array so there is no need to increment a ray angle each ray casting loop iteration. Does this seem ok? I found out why I had a problem with my raycaster. I was searching for walls on a grid size basis (64 units) without checking intersections. I read a small tutorial on checking for vertical/horizontal intersections but I still cannot get it. My attempts make the end result look a little better but still not right. I am confused because some people say you only have to check for the H/V grid bounds ONCE, then go on and increment by the size of the grids while others say you always have to check for each V/H grid bounds as you go which both show their own code ideas. Can someone please tell me the correct and only way raycasting should be done? What I have so far... 1: calculate all ray angles (I know this is correct) 2: cast rays (very off) 3: draw wall slices (i'm sure this is correct) 4: show to screen in main game loop (very much correct) Erick

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