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Problems with DX9c framework and set fonts

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Hi! I want to use CDXUTDialog to show a listbox.
	m_pDialog->AddListBox(DIALOG_LIST, 50, 50, 700, 600);
	m_pDialog->GetListBox(DIALOG_LIST)->SetTextColor(D3DCOLOR_ARGB(0xBB, 0x44, 0x44, 0xFF));
	m_pDialog->GetListBox(DIALOG_LIST)->AddItem(L"New User", NULL);
	m_pDialog->GetListBox(DIALOG_LIST)->AddItem(L"New User2", NULL);
	m_pDialog->GetListBox(DIALOG_LIST)->AddItem(L"New User3", NULL);
	m_pDialog->GetListBox(DIALOG_LIST)->AddItem(L"New User4", NULL);
But if I add this code:
	m_pDialog->SetFont(DIALOG_FONT, L"Arial", 28, 5);
The font is always the same... How can I change the font of all items? Thank really much for any good idea :D

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