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Something is wrong with my Makefile, please help?

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Something is wrong with this Makefile for an installer for an application that I am developing at work. It is supposed to, in the end, create the file located at cd/autorun.inf but every time I run make it re-builds everything from ground-zero (all dependencies are build, even if they ARE updated.) Can anyone find any obvious mistakes here? [help] Thanks.
# Makefile for installer




# autorun.inf is the last file to be created
all: cd/autorun.inf

	rm -rf final
	rm -rf cd
	rm -f eula.con
	rm -f eula.ref
	rm -f eula.pds

# Autorun file for CD
cd/autorun.inf: cd
	echo [autorun] > $@
	echo icon=install.ico >> $@

# Final CD directory
	mkdir $@
	cp --target-directory=$@ $^

# The installer executable

	mkdir $@
	cp ../client/client.exe $@
	cp -r ../client/profiles $@
	rm -rf `find $@ -name ".svn" -type d`

# TeX -> RTF
	tex2rtf $< $@

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Original post by igni ferroque
Not seeing anything immediately. Have you checked if it's a file modification date issue?


Does make take a directory as a target the same way it does as with a file?

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Can anyone tell me if make takes a directory or a file in a directory as a target? For example, is a target sutch as cd/autorun.inf legal?


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I don't know whether it accepts the directory as part of the target, but I just thought I'd point out that in order for it to work, it'd have to accept the directory as a *dependancy* too. That might be problematic: it might decide to rebuild "cd" from scratch because it doesn't see a *regular file* "cd".

If that's the real problem, you might try hacking it like this:

# Autorun file for CD
cd/autorun.inf: cd_built
# do the necessary stuff

# Final CD directory
cd_built: $(CLIENT_APP_ORIGINALFILENAME) install.ico
# Create cd directory
touch cd_built # i.e. create a *file* indicating that the dependancy is satisfied

But I'm completely guessing.

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