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Hey, I wanted to know if there was a function to get the amount of seconds the application of mine has been running. GetTickCount doesn't work, b/c it just generates milliseconds which isn't accurate b/c every second is like some odd 54,000 milliseconds when u use it. So is there a way where I could have an int time = sometimefuction();? I'm trying to create a timing even so every few seconds it does a different action. Thanks in advance.

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Hmmm.. That's strange.. Since there are only 1000 milliseconds in a second. Anyhow, you could look into a high resolution timer:

#include <windows.h>

void main() {

LARGE_INTEGER freq,start,stop;

// Initialize the "timer"

// Start the "timer"

// Do stuff

// Stop the timer

int secondsElapsed = int((stop.QuadPart - start.QuadPart) / float(freq.QuadPart));

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