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Engine and Enum Management

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Axiverse    366
I'm making a graphics engine and I'm trying to allow it to use DX and Gl, but I've come across a problem.... How do you take care of Enum Inconsistancies... I'm sure that DX and GL don't use identical enums... (though it would be nice if they did), so any suggestions?

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void*    292
my suggestion would be to make your engine a little bit more high level... don't merely make it a wrapper to DX or GL. Instead, create higher-level constructs, like meshes, and make an abstract class for rendering these constructs... then, when it comes time to draw them, you can use concrete subclasses (one for DX, one for GL) which handle the proper enumerations for lighting or matrix selection or whatever have you.

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Define your own values, and the OpenGL or DirectX layer should translate to the appropriate value for it's API.


and to convert, you can do a simple table:


pDev->SetRenderState(D3DRS_CULLMODE, aD3DCull[cullMode]);

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