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collision detection example

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well ive been puting this section of my project off but now i have to bite the bullet. COLLISION DETECTION ive tried before but was only secsesful with getting a sigle point to do collision detection. Could any of you point me toward a very simple bound box or maybe image based collision detection C++ Dev-Cpp API:SDL

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Have a Look at this

// Object-to-object reduced bounding-box collision detector:
// http://www.gamedev.net/reference/articles/article735.asp
// We check whether 2 sprite objects overlap each other,
// using the so-called reduced rectangles that are 'offset'(scale of 0-1) of
// the original ones.
int Sprite_Collide(CSprite &object1, CSprite &object2, float offset)
// We store the coordinates of our reduced rectangles here
double left1, left2;
double right1, right2;
double top1, top2;
double bottom1, bottom2;

// (this is our sprite)
// |---sprite width---|
// A******************* <-|-height*0.1
// **B...............** <-\
// **................** <-\
// **................** <-\
// **................** <-\
// **|---width*0.8--|** <-\
// **................** <-\
// **................** <-\
// **...............C** <---height*0.9
// *******************D
// ^^ width*0.1
// ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ width*0.9

// What we do now is store the coordinates of our
// shrunken rectangle inside some variables.
// We make 'left' and 'top' equal the position B on our sprite
// (look at the "drawing") and 'right' and 'bottom' equal the
// position C. (Remember, left1, top1, etc contain the coordinates
// of the first sprite's reduced rectangle and left2, top2 contain
// the coordinated of the second sprite's reduced rectangle)
left1 = object1.getx()+object1.getw()*offset;
left2 = object2.getx()+object2.getw()*offset;
top1 = object1.gety()+object1.geth()*offset;
top2 = object2.gety()+object2.geth()*offset;

right1 = object1.getx()+object1.getw()*(1.0-offset);
right2 = object2.getx()+object2.getw()*(1.0-offset);
bottom1 = object1.gety()+object1.geth()*(1.0-offset);
bottom2 = object2.gety()+object2.geth()*(1.0-offset);

// We now do some little comparing and return 0 if the rectangles
// aren't colliding and 1 if they are.
if (bottom1 < top2) return 0;
if (top1 > bottom2) return 0;
if (right1 < left2) return 0;
if (left1 > right2) return 0;

return 1;
}//end Sprite Collide


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ooooooo [looksaround] ive tryed that example before but i inverted the results (return true if they dont collide) and thought it didnt work lol thanks alot it works now i am now VERY near to completing the game all thats left is to make some cool looking enemys (not the blobs ive been working with.

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