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In need of tips/comments regarding lpcmdline code

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Ok, the problem i have is that i'm stuck trying to copy the command line argument from szArglist[1] to a suitable variable. The problem is that i tend to mix the types and suitable function for doing so. Anyone got any tips/comments regarding this process, its going to send a filename to a proper opening function. I've been working with this so i can use double-klick to open certain files. btw, laugh all you want at my code =P [CODE] if(lpCmdLine[0] != L'\0') { LPWSTR *szArglist; int nArgs; LPTSTR CommandLineList = NULL; CommandLineList = GetCommandLine(); szArglist = CommandLineToArgvW(GetCommandLineW(), &nArgs); //ProcessFileName(insert file dir here, TCHAR, char[512]) ProcessMsg(TEXT("File: %ws"), szArglist[1]); GlobalFree(szArglist); } [/CODE] (Z)

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Problem solved:

if(lpCmdLine[0] != L'\0')
LPWSTR *szArglist;
int nArgs;

szArglist = CommandLineToArgvW(GetCommandLineW(), &nArgs);
wsprintf(ObjectFileName, "%ws", szArglist[1]);

//Do something with [ObjectFileName]


It took some while but the process is functional now.


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