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Getting the lowest positioned vertex

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Hi all, I am trying to write a simple model program. When the user rotates a model I want the floor to touch the very bottom vertex. I have used Geometry bounding box to get the lowest, but this always returned the 'untransformed' vertex, i.e. without the rotation applied. I was perhaps thinking of using collision detection, but i'm not sure if this would just use the untranformed bounding box too. The model is also held in a vertex buffer so I can't use any .mesh methods on it. Speed isn't important because its not a game. If anyone has any pointers they would be much appreciated Cheers DRB2k2

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have managed to do it like this

Dim verts As CustomVertex.PositionNormalTextured() = CType(Me.VertexBuffer.Lock(0, 0), CustomVertex.PositionNormalTextured())
Dim i As Integer
min.X = 1.0E+18
min.Y = 1.0E+18
min.Z = 1.0E+18
max.X = -1.0E+18
max.Y = -1.0E+18
max.Z = -1.0E+18
Dim vec_Smallest As Vector3
For i = 0 To (Me.FacetCount * 3) - 1
vec_Smallest = verts(i).GetPosition
'transform it by the matrix
'now see if its smaller
If (vec_Smallest.X < min.X) Then
min.X = vec_Smallest.X
End If
If (vec_Smallest.Y < min.Y) Then
min.Y = vec_Smallest.Y
End If
If (vec_Smallest.Z < min.Z) Then
min.Z = vec_Smallest.Z
End If

If (vec_Smallest.X > max.X) Then
max.X = vec_Smallest.X
End If
If (vec_Smallest.Y > max.Y) Then
max.Y = vec_Smallest.Y
End If
If (vec_Smallest.Z > max.Z) Then
max.Z = vec_Smallest.Z
End If

Where MatFromRender is the matrix used in Device.setTransform

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