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VMR9 - "filter in wrong state" ?

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Hello I managed, not without any hurt ^^, to capture live video incoming from my camera with DirectShow and VMR9. Now, I'm willing to add and overlay onto this video a bitmap. Thanks to DirectX SDK, there is Watermark9 application which do what I need. Just to verify I were right, I copy-paste the code of the function BlendApplicationImage(HWND hwndApp) in my class and call it when my graph is running (I also called it before ->Run). Of course, that doesn't work. There is a problem when calling SetAlphaBitmap function which returns :0x80040227 error, that is to say VFW_E_WRONG_STATE, in other words "The operation could not be performed because the filter is in the wrong state". ... ... ? o_O I don't undestand why... Where am I doing wrong ? I don't think I need a filter for doing any overlaying bitmap. Thank you Fenrhyr

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