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Dynamic arrays

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I have code like such

//contains the frames of animation -- Walking
       Frame Animation_Walk_Left[3];
       Frame Animation_Walk_Right[3];
       Frame Animation_Walk_Up[3];
       Frame Animation_Walk_Down[3];

       //contains the frames of animation -- fighting
       Frame Animation_Fight_Left[3];
       Frame Animation_Fight_Right[3];
       Frame Animation_Fight_Up[3];
       Frame Animation_Fight_Down[3];

       //contains the frames of animation -- Running
       Frame Animation_Run_Left[3];
       Frame Animation_Run_Right[3];
       Frame Animation_Run_Up[3];
       Frame Animation_Run_Down[3];

       //contains the frames of animation -- Die
       Frame Animation_Die_1[3];
       Frame Animation_Die_2[3];
       Frame Animation_Die_3[3];

But I want the the Animation sequences' size to be able to change, not stay locked at 3 members. In VB we ReDimmed the arrays. Can you do this in C++? I've never really had to do this before. Well..I did once, and I used vectors I think, and that was slow/painful. FYI, i'm using BCB 6. Also, would the template contained in sysdyn.h work fast enough for a game? Cheers Sigma

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The best way is using std::vector. The speed overhead is really small so don't care.

std::vector<Frame> Animation_Walk_Left(3);

//blah blah

//Insert a new element
Frame MyNewFrame;

If you don't change the dimensions of the array often, you could also use a pointer, but if you do you will have to deallocate and reallocate memory, and it's going to be slow if you do this every frame.

Frame* Animation_Walk_Left = new Frame[3];

//use this like an array

//Destroy it and recreate to change the size
delete[] Animation_Walk_Left;
Animation_Walk_Left = new Frame[5];

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I thought they were kinda slow....Besides, i'm only resizing once. So linked list would be overkill I think

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