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OpenGL Image-Based Line Stylization

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I'm doing a simple image based NPR rendering project and I'm stuck right now trying to figure out some nice line stylizations to use. I have some ideas based on depth values for a given pixel, but the part that's got me stuck right now is trying to make a line squiggly, or some similar distortion; regardless of depth value. Right now I'm calculating lines in a shader and attempting to stylize the lines while doing this. I think I may need to calculate the lines in one pass, then go through again and distort the lines afterward. However; since it's per-pixel operations anyway, it seems like I should be able to avoid this overhead. Does anyone have any ideas for a neat line stylization effect that could work in a single shader? [edit] Okay, I got my squiggly line shader going. I just take the window x coordinate, then define an offset such that: offset = extent*sin(extent); where extent is a user defined value. A value of about 64 generally produces nice curvy lines. It's a cool effect! I still want other effects though; something totally different even! It's possible to get "angry" lines by using a modulus function instead of sine, but beyond that I don't really know. [Edited by - OpenGLAaron on November 26, 2004 5:00:10 PM]

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