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System in the works

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Okay..I have an idea for a game system for a 3rd Person Action/RPG, It combines elements from Devil May Cry, Star Ocean, Incredible Crisis and Broken Sword. You will play as a Character who has unlimited Power after he is integrated into a special Urban Protection Unit. He can jump higher, Run faster and do stuff you could only do in the matrix with ease (And i know that there has been many Matrix Rip-Offs vut this one is better!). To Explain better i will devide explinations of the game into 'Feild' and 'Battle'. Feild: In the feild perspective you will control your character like George in Broken Sword (But unlike Broken Sword the camera will be focused behind the character at all times..including fights). You will be able to complete tasks in many ways like Button Bashing or doing it like Solid Snake but also you can shout out things like 'Hey Punk' by pressing one of the trigger buttons...with this you can atract a fight or a Freindly to your current position. (Folks i just wanna say here that im very displeased with my Feild Gameplay...if you have any suggestions as to improve it then please mail me!) Battle: When you encounter a group of enemies the on screen display will change and the character will draw his weapons and engage in combat. You will have full control over his movements and actions in battle and be able to pull off many differant attacks. You will be given a menu in the bottom of your screen (Like in KH) with many options to fight, Melee/Projectile will be the first selection you can make in the menu and when pressed will swing your Melee weapons or shoot your projectile weapons. the second choice is MindPsy and that is a selection of Psycic attacks that you can use to defend yourself or attack others. Fusion Drive is the next choice and that is kinda like MindPsy but it is more Elemental and it affects all enemies and is far more powerful that other attacks and it drains you more to use them than other attacks. Dash is next on the list, Nothing special but it allows you to dart away quickly for enemies and as you progress you can learn new styles of dashing. Lastly is Escape and simply all you have to do is basically a button bashing game to escape your foes. (I feel my system is very basic...i am still working on it!) I will explain Stat building in my nest post but now i have to attend to other matters. Please send comments and if you have any questions please do ask!.

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