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Can PixelShader benefit to Palette-based Games?

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There is a 2D fighting game called Guilty Gear XX Reload for PC which is a direct port of its PS2 console version. This game uses lots of palette animation, and very eye candy. In its config menu there is an option for "Palette Effect" which can be Standart or Simple. But when Pixel Shader option for GFX Drawing Process enabled, Palette Effect options gets grayed/disabled. That made me think like that : If you don't use pixel shader it will use Palettizated Textures, and methods like SetPaletteEntries() and SetCurrentTexturePalette() of IDirect3DDevice object, otherwise it will implement palette feature through pixel shader. Is something like this possible? or is my theory wrong? Or can it be related to PS2 hardware? Using ps might have made gfx methods' porting easier... Since I'm no PS GURU, I ask you GURUs ;) Note: Sorry for posting to the wrong forums first...

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