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Voodoo Script 0.1.0 Complete Release

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I have finally finished version 0.1.0 of Voodoo Script. If you would like to check it out, go to HERE Voodoo Script is an assembly-syntax like language with its own compiler and implementable virtual machine. All source is included, so feel free to hack away! Note: Everything was compiled in Dev-C++, so thats why .dev files are included. Comments? Thanks!

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i had a quick play-around with voodoo script, looks nice, good job.

1) the design is good, nice high-level ASM style
2) like how you've collapsed instructions into multi-op's rather
than relying on stack push/pops

1) not enough checking and error recovery, your VM shouldn't
break if its not used right, it should continue with a warning
or something, remember the only reason we have scripting
languages is because compiled ones are too strict, we're trying
to move away from that here :)

2) more than one .cpp file darn-it! it makes my eyes bleed when
i see an entire program implemented in a single .cpp and .h pair.

3) needs a "real-language" compiler now :)

4) you need to include more example scripts, when i released
blue-vasm (the VM i used with TRIBUTE Basic) i had like 15 test
scripts that implemented whole algorithms such as heap-sort,
quadratic root finder, stuff that really tested robustness.

hope that helps

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Also it might help some people if you make the licensing clearer, both by mentioning it on the website and at the top of each source file. It is BSD/MIT like - which I approve of - so you should make this abundantly clear to anyone who may think of using it (I as I'm sure lots of people tend to skip things without clear licenses).

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Thanks guys. I found some bugs here and there, so I've started working on it again and am rereleasing the version with some more test scripts, some more examples, a test-bed application for your own scripts, etcetera.

Sorry for the 1 C++ file thing...really bad habit of mine :) I have started a new project and am slowing trying to work my way out of it.

I will also put more liscencing info in the code, etc.

My one question is on your 4th comment, silvermace. What I am working on is when the voodoomachine encounters some sort of error, that it gives a debug output of the script it errored within, and shuts down that script. Is this what you would recommend?

I really appreciate the feedback. Thanks


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