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Reflective bump mapping artifacts

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I`ve added reflective bump mapping to my water surface to simulate waves. It appears to be working correctly apart from some artifacts. If I use a cube map (which I dont want 2 do in the final result) for my reflection I get this result which is pretty much perfect, only slight artifacts prob due to texture used. Then if i change this to a projected texture of the actual reflected geometry I get this. I have no idea why I am getting these artifacts. They are even worse if use perlin noise as my bump map which i want to do once i get it working properly. It also gets bands of dark areas across the screen in certain places that move with the cameras movement. My shader code is as follows, (its a bit messy at the moment hope it can be understood ok):
VS_OUTPUT VertexShader_water( float4 inPos: POSITION, float3 Normal : NORMAL,  float2 inTex: TEXCOORD)

	Out.Pos = mul(inPos, matWorldViewProjection);
	float3 tanvect; tanvect.x = 0.0; tanvect.y = 0.0; tanvect.z = 1.0;
	float3 tang = normalize(cross(tanvect, Normal));
	float3x3 worldToTangentSpace;
	worldToTangentSpace[0] = mul(tang, matWorld);
	worldToTangentSpace[1] = mul(cross(tang, Normal), matWorld);
	worldToTangentSpace[2] = mul(Normal, matWorld);

	float3x3 invworldToTangentSpace = transpose(worldToTangentSpace);
	Out.tan2world1 = invworldToTangentSpace[0];
	Out.tan2world2 = invworldToTangentSpace[1];
	Out.tan2world3 = invworldToTangentSpace[2];
	Out.Light = vecLightDir;
	float3 PosWorld = mul(inPos, matWorld); 
	Out.View =  vecEye - PosWorld;         // V
	Out.Norm = mul(Normal, matWorld);
	Out.Tex_reflect = inPos;

	Out.Tex = inTex;

	return Out;

float4 PixelShader_water(
		float3 Light: TEXCOORD0, 
        float3 View : TEXCOORD1,
        float4 Tex_reflect : TEXCOORD2,
        float2 Tex: TEXCOORD3,
        float3 Norm : TEXCOORD4,
        float3 tan2world1: TEXCOORD5,
		float3 tan2world2: TEXCOORD6,
		float3 tan2world3: TEXCOORD7
        ) : COLOR

  float4 diffuse = { 0.34f, 0.41f, 0.51f, 1.0f};
  float4 ambient = {0.1, 0.1, 0.1, 1.0}; 

  float3 LightDir = normalize(Light);
  float3 ViewDir = normalize(View); 
 float3 bumpNormal = 2 * (tex2D(water_bump_texture, Tex*20) - 0.5); // bump map

 float3x3 invworldToTangentSpace;
 invworldToTangentSpace[0] = tan2world1;
 invworldToTangentSpace[1] = tan2world2;
 invworldToTangentSpace[2] = tan2world3;
 bumpNormal = mul(invworldToTangentSpace, bumpNormal);

 float3 Reflect = normalize(reflect(-ViewDir,bumpNormal)); // R
 Tex_reflect.xz += Reflect.xz;
 float4 texture_projection_reflect = mul(Tex_reflect ,matTextureProjection);
 float4 reflectmap = tex2Dproj( reflection_texture, texture_projection_reflect);
  float4 colour = reflectmap;
  float4 diff = saturate(dot(bumpNormal, LightDir)); // diffuse comp.
  // compute self-shadowing term
  float shadow = saturate(4* diff);
  Reflect = normalize(2 * diff * bumpNormal - LightDir); // R
  float4 specular = pow(saturate(dot(Reflect, ViewDir)), 100); // R.V^n 
  return ambient * colour + shadow * (colour * diff + specular);  

Any suggestions as to why these artifacts are occuring? Thanks

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No one have any ideas?

Havent a clue how to get rid of it.

Does it matter what resolution my render to texture texture is, at the moment its 512x512, would this make a difference?

Heres a screenshot of it with perlin noise bump map and projective texturing if it helps!

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