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getting individual pixle color from bitmap

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my thread name pretty much says it all. how would you do that in SDL i know that there is a pixle data * and a mask[RBG] within that struct but i cant really see it as a statement or algorithm can some one help me out here can i do somthing like this SDK_Surface* X; X = SDL_LoadBMP("foo.bmp"); if(X->SDL_PixleFormat->Rmask == 0) that kinda thing? i cant help but think there has to be an array there some were

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Alright you have to do this, there is a function in the SDL documentation here it is. . .

Uint32 getpixel(SDL_Surface *surface, int x, int y)
int bpp = surface->format->BytesPerPixel;
/* Here p is the address to the pixel we want to retrieve */
Uint8 *p = (Uint8 *)surface->pixels + y * surface->pitch + x * bpp;

switch(bpp) {
case 1:
return *p;

case 2:
return *(Uint16 *)p;

case 3:
return p[0]

then do this

SDL_Surface* X;

X = SDL_LoadBMP("foo.bmp")
int xcoor, ycoor;
Uint8 R, G, B;
SDL_GetRGB(getpixel(X, xcoor, ycoor), X->format, &R, &G, &B);

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THANKS a ton i found that Get_RGB() but couldnt figure out what was wrong with the way i was calling and i never would have discovered that getpixel function had you not mentioned it. thanks!![grin][grin]

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