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CtabCtrl and tooltips (MFC)

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Does anyone know how to provide a tooltip for each tab on an MFC CTabCtrl? If I use CTabCtrl::SetToolTips with a CToolTipCtrl that I create myself, I can add tips to every tab except the first since CToolTipCtrl::AddTool ASSERT's if I pass an ID of zero for the 4th parameter (where the ID is the tab number; which is zero based). I have googled for this with little success but someone has hinted that maybe I should be adding 1 to the ID I pass in and then subtract 1 from the ID in the message when I receive it but I can't seem to get the message in the view which creates the CTabCtrl, i.e. if I put a breakpoint in my ON_NOTIFY handler for TTN_NEEDTEXTW or TTN_NEEDTEXTA, it is never hit. Any ideas?

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