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Lib problems [Resolved]

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I tried adding the basics of the BSP loading tutorial from to my terrain engine, im usign MSVC++ 5. I managed to get the basic code in, but in order to get the texture loading to work, I had to add the jpeg libs. In order to do this, I ended up changing my run-time library settings from Multithreaded to Debug Multithreaded DLL (although I tried almost all of the settings). This was the action recommended by almost every post I found on the subject for trying to get past various warnings. However, setting this stopped my camera from working properly.. it basically took away any side-to-side movement.. quite strange I thought. I was wondering if anyone might have the slightest clue about whats wrong? I've tried taking it all out, and now I get new errors which weren't therebefore.. (f**k!!!!), so if someone could help me get past that first hurdle, I'll be so very grateful :) Edit: I was told I'd be able to get some help here, oh well.. good thing I'm quite smart anyways :) [Edited by - Boruki on December 1, 2004 7:20:36 AM]

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