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example use of bitmap font?

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I didnt use any API,because the platform of my game is dos.
Im using pure C to do that stuff.
Well you're probably not going to find an example (did you try google?) if you're not using a generic API.

Afaik, the old DOS/C routines for writing/reading/displaying bitmaps will be generic enough such that you can copy the way any other API's samples do it.

The older versions of the DirectX SDK had "CD3DFont" that rendered a font to a texture and used that as a bitmap font. Maybe of some interest?

Alternatively, if you're just doing tile rendering, get a piece of paper and a graphics editor - I made one of these in about 30mins once, didn't look too good till I put variable width characters and anti-alised edges in, but a basic one isn't rocket science.


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Thx man.
I googled for a considerable long time.I found it hard to get
examples without using API,indeed.Old dos stuff is forgotten
by us,It is far behind the time.:)
What borthered me so much is my game should show both english
words and chinese characters.Im hearing that ascii glyph is in
ROM,so what is the address of it?

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