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reading raw texture data

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Hi. I have a texture created as a render target and using D3DPOOL_DEFAULT. I want to be able to read the information about each pixel in this texture. How can I do this? I have experimented a little but am rather confused about surfaces/textures and when and how you create each. From what I can gather...get the surface of the texture, copy that to a surface of a texture in system memory, call LockRect on a system mem texture then read from that?
Something like...

            CComPtr<IDirect3DTexture9> sysmemTexture = NULL;
            CComPtr<IDirect3DSurface9> sysmemTextureSurface = NULL;
            CComPtr<IDirect3DSurface9> texsurface = NULL;
            // create the new texture
            hr = m_data.m_pDev->CreateTexture(1024,
            // get the surface rep of the texture
            m_data.m_pTexture->GetSurfaceLevel(0, &texsurface);
            // get the surface rep of the sys mem texture
            sysmemTexture->GetSurfaceLevel(0, &sysmemTextureSurface);
            // move the texture surface data to system memory
            m_data.m_pDev->GetRenderTargetData(texsurface.p, sysmemTextureSurface.p);
            // lock the texture data
            D3DLOCKED_RECT *pRect = new D3DLOCKED_RECT;
            sysmemTexture->LockRect(0, pRect, NULL, D3DLOCK_READONLY);
            // do stuff here
            delete pRect;

However when I reach the line m_data.m_pTexture->GetSurfaceLevel(0, &texsurface); it not only changes the value of the pointer in texsurface but also sets sysmemTexture to NULL :S I am rather confused and really require some help. Do I still have to allocate memory when using CComPtr or will it do it for me? If I have to do it myself, how do I go about creating my won IDirect3DTexture9 / IDirect3DSurface9? (Is what I have done above ok in theory?) Thanks very much for any help, BBB.

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