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3D Rotation

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Hi all, does anyone have a link or a document that explains 3D rotation around arbitrary point using a given matrix? I would like to be able to this type of rotation without quaternions if possible. regards, dxp

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The OpenGL red book has the math, I think, in one of the appendices. But, you can't really rotate around a "point." You need an axis. Therefore, you can rotate about a line through a point, since the line defines an axis.

Here's an online version of an old, old edition of the OpenGL red book:

The OpenGL Programming Guide (aka The OpenGL Red Book)

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Maybe you can if you do something like this:
Say the point is position some were in space by a matrix, or just a position.

Pw = Pl * M

Pw is the point in work space.
Pl is the point is local space.
M is the matrix your are using to take the point in the work

For example Pl could by a hard point in a model, M could be the model world model matrix.

Then if you want to rotate of in general Transform anything locally to that particulate point Say a Camera, a gun, etc
Say the Rotation Matrix is R

Then these are the steps:
-bring the point to the origin by multiplying by the Inverse Matrix
-Apply the Rotation matrix by multiplying by the Rotation Matrix
-Put everything back to where it was by multiplying by the Transform matrix again

in symbols is this
R1 = inv(T) * R * T

R1 is the Rotation matrix you can apply to your object.
The above operation is very common and it is call a similar Transformation.
You can do the In Ogl by just pushing matrices on the stack and it works quite well.

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