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Grr... default buffer state for an input stream?

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Yeah, tons of questions tonight; don't blame - blame the fact that I have to fill in for Santa Claus yesterday because his water main exploded resulting in a gruesome scene with reindeer guts strewn everywhere. Anyway! I've been reading (suprise, suprise) and different sources say different things about the default buffer state of an input stream - I don't even know if that's the correct type. Well, let me explain it simply: I don't want
 std::cout << "Stupidity";
To flush the buffer until I give it the std::endl; command. Accelerated C++ says this is the default state, however, other sources (websites) disagree. I'm guessing it varies by compiler. I'm using MSVC++6 Is it set by default? If not, how do I change it? Actually, I really only need the answer to the first question, because I can just look up the other one as soon as I know if I need to. ...I need more books.

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