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'extern' not allowed after class or struct

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I am trying to compile a library with a mingw compiler (from DevC++) and get the following error: "storage class specifier `extern' not allowed after struct or class" The line reads like this:
class LUAPLUS_CLASS LuaObject

with LUAPLUS_CLASS being defined like this:
    #ifndef LUA_API
        #define LUA_API extern
    #ifndef LUAPLUS_CLASS
        #define LUAPLUS_CLASS LUA_API

Well,... it is obvious, that the compiler doesn't like a "class extern LuaObject", but what am I supposed to do now? Regards, T.

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You don't extern a class, you extern variables.
// variable declaration
extern int i;

// class declaration
class SomeClass;

// variable definition
int i;

// class definition
class SomeClass
// member & static functions & variables


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