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Alternative GNU toolchain for GameCube

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I was having trouble getting devkitcube or devkitPPC to work, so I went looking around at the gc-linux project to see what compiler they were using, and turned up links on how to build the GNU toolchain for the powerpc-gamecube-linux-gnu target. You can use it to build flat .DOL images or you can make apps to run on gc-linux (which is still in its fledgling state, btw). (I had some problems with this, but it's informative nonetheless and should work despite the problems I had) (brief information on how to develop for the gamecube and upload DOLs) (A ready-to-build copy of the GNU toolchain for powerpc-gamecube-linux-gnu target. Must be built with an existing copy of the GNU toolchain, either on linux (native gcc) or windows (minGW would work fine).) Hope this helped someone else.

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