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x86 assember and "GetSystemTime()"

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This is a quickie. For the record this code is in 16-bit mode.
GetTime:       ; returns seconds and ?? via DX

		MOV	AH, 2CH		
		INT	21H             ; CH=HH, CL=MM, DH=SS, DL=TT <-- ???


Does anybody know what "TT" is? ThousandThs would make thematic sense but logistically no...cause it's only a byte! 256 thousandths don't make a second. So is it Ticks? =( If anybody knows the answer it could save me an hour or two of experimentation (which is key as I'm down to crunch time with this little project). Thanks for your help =)

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Alright, I may actually be on the threshold of answering my own question.

I just found a page that documents a number of time-finding routines (based on the same interrupt, but with different settings for AH), and the ones that don't return months/years say that they return seconds/100 in DL. So maybe that's an accurate guess. =)

If anyone knows better, I'd appreciate the input.

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