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Unity Palm OS calling convention and more...

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Hello all! I have the following questions: 1. Where can i read what the Palm OS calling convention is? Is it the C convention (wait... it can't be, it's only for the x86..). Can you guide me to some documents or something? 2. Can you guide also to some Palm OS programming community where i can ask my questions regarding the Palm OS ? Thank you!

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The best place to read about the PalmOS calling conventions is their API reference document which can be found at :
It's a pretty hefty download so I hope you have a fast connection. They also have a HTML version at :

The best place I've found for getting questions answered are still the newsgroups :

If you're new to PalmOS programming, join their developer program (it's free) at :
Oh, and pick up a copy of The PalmOS Programming Bible. It's the best PalmOS programming book out there.

I'm currently working on getting my PalmOS website ( up with tutorials and a forum to hopefully help fill a hole in the PalmOS game programming community. All I ever find are little scraps of outdated info here and there. Realistically I hope to have it up and running by February since I'm getting up to speed with Palms PODS dev suite. Ok, I'll stop rambling now.;)

Good luck,

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