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Action Mapping for Mouse

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Hi I am writing a program built on the directX app wizard. I am a noob with direct input and have a problem which i am hoping someone may suggest a way past. Essentially i want to be able to rotate a mesh on an axis by using the mouse. This i have achieved in part by adding a mouse input mapping in the game action array(defined near top of main app): DIACTION g_rgGameAction[] { INPUT_ROTATE_AXIS_LR, DIMOUSE_XAXIS, 0, TEXT("Rotate left/right"), }, ok that pretty straight forward now i can receive input data from the mouse in "relative axis" mode. The problem is that once the mouse has been moved the input value for data from this mouse axis now has a minimum value of 0.01 or -0.01(depending on which direction it moved in last) even if the mouse is not moving. I want to avoid using a deadzone because that interfers with the sensitivity of my mouse too much at low speeds. From what i have read using absolute mode may be a help but if so can it be used with action mapping? I have also looked at 2 direct input samples: C:\DXSDK\samples\Multimedia\DirectInput\Mouse C:\DXSDK\samples\Multimedia\DirectInput\Scrawl Both of these seem to have very nice input sensitivity that would suit me fine but dont use action mapping. Can i use these methods with action mapping too(for keyboard)? Thanks for helping

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