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MFC stressing me out, heres example

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whats wrong w the following code :
	CSliderCtrl *csc = 0;
	csc = new CSliderCtrl;
	csc->SetRange(0, 100, TRUE);
	CWnd *pWndHandle = 0;
	pWndHandle = new CWnd;
	csc->Create(WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE | SS_CENTER, CRect(50,80,150,150), pWndHandle->GetParent() , 7);

All Im trying to do is make a slider control, but understand it in code. I think the problem is that I dont know how to get the hWnd of a parent window, or retrieve the hWnd of a child window.

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1) You can't call methods on the slider until you have called Create to make the window for it. Usually you create the slider as a child of a dialog (in OnInitDialog) or as a child of a view (in OnInitialUpdate).
2) You construct a CWnd with new which it looks like you want to be the parent of the slider, but you don't call Create on that either. Normally you would parent it with the CDialog derived class or the CView derived class in the functions mentioned above, using just the "this" pointer as the parent HWND.

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