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Unity vb and excel

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Hey guys I often come on here about games programming, and I know great a community this is hence why im posting here. But if you know of other forums I should post to please let me know. Basically I have a excel spreadsheet which has input data and formulas are carried out which has output data. So ive gotta write a program that will show the user input values let them change it then get output values and transfer them to DBMS called equinox. The main thing is I cannot actully execute excel So ive spent the last 3 days writing visual basic code ( in hind sight I would have done it in C++ although more code it isn't a pile of shit like visual basic but thats another story) to connect to excel spreadsheet via ADO using jet 4.0, and I have the reading and writing part working quite well. But the problem is that when I write to input data to the sheet the formula's are not executed and therefore the output data remains the same, until I run excel which defeats the purpose of doing all this code. So my question is there anyway to execute the formulas without actully loading up visual basic ? At the moment the only thing I can think of is doing a shellexecute in minimized mode but I would like to avoid this if I can thanx in the advance Iain Fraser

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