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Problems linking XercesC with MinGW Studio

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Hello, I am having issues linking my game with Apache's XercesC library. I keep getting linker errors like these: I:\dev\B5wx\Debug\main.o(.text+0x3721): In function `Z14getvalueastextPN11xercesc_2_67DOMNodeE': J:\dev\libxeth\domparser.h:97: undefined reference to `_imp___ZN11xercesc_2_69XMLString9transcodeEPKt' I:\dev\B5wx\Debug\main.o(.text+0x382b): In function `Z15getnameasstringPN11xercesc_2_67DOMNodeE': J:\dev\libxeth\domparser.h:110: undefined reference to `_imp___ZN11xercesc_2_69XMLString9transcodeEPKt' I am linking to the Xerces library, xerces-c_2, and the library path is correct. I am thinking that the issue may be related to my platform (I am running Windows XP-64). If that's it, could omeone perhaps tell me how I can compile Xerces for my environment (as I have tried several times, to no avail)? Thanks, Eyrian

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