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[web] Tutorial writers needed

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Our tutorial website is in need of tutorials. We will pay $5 - $25 US per tutorial depending on quality via paypal. Program Based Tutorials ( Photoshop, Illustrator Dreamweaver, Flash, etc... ) Coding Based Tutorials ( XHTML, CSS, PHP, etc... ) Web Host Tutorials ( CPanel, Setting up your site, etc... ) Photoshop tutorials could be about anything from painting a picture to making actions. Tutorials should be in depth and be very easy to go over with and understand. They should also use pictures to help aid the reader and add an overall complete look to the tutorial. Tutorials that are original and unique will obviously be held at a greater value. Making a tutorial on something that you have learned on your own is very important. With this in mind, please DO NOT copy any other tutorials found on the internet. Doing so will result in many legal issues that neither of us want to deal with. Please do your own work. All tutorials will be submitted in HTML (XHTML preferred). Making the tutorial attractive will earn you bonus points. Creating a few styled tables, and sizing a few images will go a long with in making your tutorial not only easier to navigate and read, but it will also look a lot better than a plain HTML page. some examples of what we are loking for... The tutorials shouldnt be general pages listing programming commands, you should write tutorials about specific tasks like "how to create a spaceship movement in C++" (all the photoshop tutorials on this site are good) my email adress is email me the tutorial in a zip with all the images and the html file. Or alternatively upload the .zip file and email me the link. I will then tell you how much i am willing to pay you and will send it via paypal you can contact me on MSN or via email

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