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Windows Media Player Plugin

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I kinda asked this question before a while back and only got some general answers that did point me in the right direction but didn't give me all the help I need. I'm trying to use the WMP SDK to make a plugin that will retrieve the name of the currently playing track whenever it changes. I read all the documentation for the WMP SDK and it helped me get started, but unlike the Platform SDK docs, it does a pretty poor job of explaining how everything works. I created a new WMP plugin project and made it a UI plugin that runs in the background with support for WMP events. My question is, which event is triggered when the track changes? And, how can I tell the name of the track and all the info on it? I was told the first time I asked this (my question was a lot more general because I had no idea what I was in for) that I need to use the Player object to get to the Media object which contains all the information I need. Well, just HOW do i do that? I am yet to see some useful C++ code that shows how this is done or any kind of description of how it is done. I spent the last hour and a half googling for all of this and didn't come up with anything I didn't already know.

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