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research for pda

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If you mean Push-Down Automata, I personally just need a stack, some states, and input to read. =)

But if you mean the other type of PDA... hmm... well, personally I'd never use a PDA unless it had some kind of mini-keyboard attachment. I use computers partly to escape from the slow and chicken-scratchy nature of my writing... and Styluses go a long way to invalidate that critical reason for enjoying computers. =)

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Anyway, a mini class diagrammer, maybe a flow charter. make them whiteboard-like applications, so I can share them with my team AS I DRAW THEM over bluetooth or wifi.

maybe something like a mini-wiki. or, hiearchial note taking (taking notes on notes, and notes on notes on notes).

Also, DON'T DO IT IN J2ME. You think java on PC's suck, wait until you try it on a Palm PDA.

A heftier stylus. I had to buy a twenty dollar pen just to have a useable stylus with my current PDA.

A built in voice recorder, and mini digicam.

A textured screen, not just the smooth film of plastic. It's too slippery, the stylus is innacurate because of it. Need to simulate the drag of a pencil across paper.

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