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GLSL header problem

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Hi, I have a problem, i want to make an aplication the uses the glslang shading language. Unfortunately i cannot compile my sourcecodes, cause i lack the headers. eg.: FNGLCREATEPROGRAMOBJECTARBPROC glCreateProgramObjectARB = NULL; PFNGLDELETEOBJECTARBPROC glDeleteObjectARB = NULL; PFNGLUSEPROGRAMOBJECTARBPROC glUseProgramObjectARB = NULL; PFNGLCREATESHADEROBJECTARBPROC glCreateShaderObjectARB = NULL; PFNGLSHADERSOURCEARBPROC glShaderSourceARB = NULL; PFNGLCOMPILESHADERARBPROC glCompileShaderARB = NULL; PFNGLGETOBJECTPARAMETERIVARBPROC glGetObjectParameterivARB = NULL; PFNGLATTACHOBJECTARBPROC glAttachObjectARB = NULL; PFNGLGETINFOLOGARBPROC glGetInfoLogARB = NULL; PFNGLLINKPROGRAMARBPROC glLinkProgramARB = NULL; PFNGLGETUNIFORMLOCATIONARBPROC glGetUniformLocationARB = NULL; PFNGLUNIFORM4FARBPROC glUniform4fARB = NULL; PFNGLUNIFORM1IARBPROC glUniform1iARB = NULL; GLhandleARB g_programObj; GLhandleARB g_vertexShader; GLhandleARB g_fragmentShader; GLuint g_location_testTexture;*/ doesnt work at all. im running fedora core 2 with a nvidia card(fx5900) and kernel2.6.7 - can anybody tell me where to optain the necessary headers, so i can compile my software, i wasnt sucessfull googling for 2 days.

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