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[web] More trouble with CSS and new site

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Hello, On the site I am working on, someone already helped me fix a problem where I had a border around an image. (The answer seemed so simple, and I felt stupid.) The problem now is that I have the background color of a link set to white when the mouse hovers over it. I don't want this affect with images though. How can I get rid of it? The CSS in question:
a {
	font-family:verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif;
a img { /* Gets rid of border around images. */
a:link {color:#000070;}
a:visited {color:#000045;}
a:hover {background-color:#fff;}
/* Here is the line I thought would work: */
a img:hover {background-color:transparent;}

Thanks, Slaru

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I tried

#menu a:hover {background:#fff;}

and it worked. However, I would like to make it so that all images have a transparent background when hovered over with one statement, instead of a #menu a:hover... for every element. Is this possible?

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a:hover {background-color: red;}
a.classname {background-color: transparent;}


<a href="thing.html">link one</a>
<a href="thing.html">link two</a>
<a class="classname" href="thing.html"><img src="happy.gif"></a>
<a class="classname" href="thing.html"><img src="sad.gif"></a>

There are no ancestor or parent selectors in CSS so you will have to distinguish the links containing images manually.

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