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My first pong!

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It's quite interesting. Very different from the standard pong. Have you incorporated time-based movement in this?


(can anyone tell me how to insert a link on this forum?)

You have to use the following html:

<a href=""> Click here to go to! </a>

I think that one line of code is pretty self explanatory. Here's your link clickified:

Download MyPong

Here's the source of it:

<a href=""> Download MyPong </a>

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Looks quite good. The gameplay is pretty much standard pong, and seems to be well enough implemented, so no real comments on that. The colours; particularly the bright blue background, seem a little bright to me, but that's really just personal preference. The addition of characters is a nice touch, although they don't actually add anything to the gameplay. A possible addition could be unlocking more characters if the player can reach a certain score.

All round, looks like a pretty good job of it. Keep up the good work. [smile]

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Actually, on second observation, the game appears to flicker slightly during play. A minor problem, but one that could possibly be good to solve. Still an excellent first effort at pong. Oh, and some other potential additions:
-High scores
-Players can add thier own characters
-Two player (using different sets of keys on the same computer, or perhaps one player keyboard and the other mouse).

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