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getMousePos in GLFW

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Hey, I'm having a bit of problem in my programming. I'd like to get the mouseposition after clicking, so I use the function glfwgetMousePos (int *xpos, int *ypos) in GLFW. Also, i assign xpos = 0 in the beginning, and this is the answer i get wherever i click. How am i supposed to use this function correctly, so that xpos and ypos gets the current location? All help appreciated!

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static GLuint x_pos(0), y_pos(0) ;

glfwGetMousePos( &x_pos, &y_pos ) ;
// variable 'x_pos' and 'y_pos' should hold the last known coordinates
// for the mouse position. There is another function in GLFW
// that determines whether or not a button has been clicked.
// Use that in conjunction from the above example to get
// the last mouse clicking position.


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