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Ok so I want to play around with creating my own simple 3D engine, not using DX or anything like that. I searched google and yahoo and didn't find anything (probably didn't word it right). Anyway, all I want to be able to do is create an object (cube for now) and render in on a 2d screen and rotate the perspective so I can view how real it looks, instead of it being straight on. And for this, I would approciate if someone could give me a link, or explain 3D to 2D equations. Thanks!

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Some things to look for:

+ Matrix transformations
+ Parallel/perpendicular (same thing interestingly) and perspective camera transforms
+ Rasterization
+ Clipping
+ Z buffers
+ Ways of getting your 2D image onto the screen (depends highly on the OS - you can use DirectX for this bit if you want, not like it's an especially interesting bit)

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