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Allegro problems

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No, this isn't the standard request for how to make Allegro with MSVC++, it's more a really dumb error that annoys me. I have developed a small game using Allegro, HawkNL, and a few other libraries. I made it really fast, and it was more just porting over some old commands from a BASIC language. With that said, I went to start a new project in .NET 2003 (not the fancy edition, got this with a book, seems to work pretty similar), and I created the project the same as before, and windows is including WinGDI.h for no reason, at all. I can't remember how I stopped it from doing this before. In my previous game I didn't have to declare winalleg.h or anything, as WinGDI.h never came near for some reason. I don't want to break compatability. (Also I am only including allegro.h with nothing else, and defining the ___GTHREAD doesn't change anything, I have to include winalleg.h to succcessfuly compile) Cheers, Chris

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