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Clipping in windowed direct mode

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Hello DX gurus ! I've meet a problem without any found solution in numerious tutorials, manuals and forums... Hope someone here can help ;) I want to use DirectDraw direct surface memory access (through IDDrawSurface7.lock()) in windowed mode. DDraw clipper is not the aim here so I handle the clipping by myself through GDI functions GetDCEx() and GetRandomGgn(). All is fine until I start quickly moving some other window over my DDraw window, then this top window is overpainted. As far as I understand this happens because withing lock() unlock() block other windows are not blocked and could still be moved. So if during rendering process other window is moved to the position which should be repainted this window is get dirty :( But the DirectDraw Clipper somehow handles such situations and keeps clipping region updated or blocks something during Blit for example. If you have some information that what I want is not possible at all, please give me a note ;) Appreciate any your help very very much! Thanks ;)

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