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Print character names.

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Hi there, I just wonder how do they print the names over the characters in rpg games? let say I print the text like this.
for(itr = m_players.begin(); itr != m_players.end(); itr++)
	x = itr->GetPlayerX() / 2;
	y = itr->GetPlayerZ() / 2;
	glPrint(x, y, itr->GetName());

I dont know exacly how to do this, But I want to print names for eatch player in the m_players over the character. How do you guys do this? hope anyone can point me to a good solution. thanks.

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Well you want the y co-ordinate to be that of the player minus their height, & minus again the height of the text, minus some padding as well (that's if -y is up)
You also want some kind of function to tell you the width of the text in advance, then subtract half of that from the x to center it about a point.
If the x marks the center of the player then use that (minus half the text width)
If it marks the x then first add half the player width then subtract half the text width (then minus half the text width)
Try to get some paper to sketch this & see if you can "see" it

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I dont understand exacly what you mean, but something like this?

y = ((GetPlayerY() - SCREEN_HEIGHT) - TextHeight);
x = ((SCREEN_WIDTH/2 - TextWidth/2) + (GetPlayerX()/2 / TextWidth/2) - TextWidth/2));

im not that good at english.

correct me.

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Okay well it depends what the position of the player actually means. I shall give 2 examples:

padding=LineHeight*0.5 (just to move it away from the head alittle)

Position is the bottomleft corner of the player:

x =GetPlayerX()+PlayerWidth*0.5-TextWidth*0.5
y =GetPlayerY()-PlayerHeight-TextHeight-padding

Position is the middle of the player:
x =GetPlayerX()-TextWidth*0.5
y =GetPlayerY()-PlayerHeight*0.5-TextHeight-padding

If up is +y then change the - in the y formula to a +

I hope that's easier to understand

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