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How to best show off a shadowing solution

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Hey, Over recent weeks I have been working on my project which looks at various shadowing algorithms. In order to exemplify their limitations and to 'learn through doing' (i've never looked at shadowing stuff before) I have created a few prototypes of the shadowing algorithms I am looking at. These are your typical box type rooms with a few rotating cubes and tori in them. However, I am to demonstrate the shadowing solution I come up with to a group of people and so need to create an example with a bit of a 'wow' factor. My current idea is just to create a realistic-ish fps game level that incorporates the techniques. Meaning I will have to look into scene culling techniques, loading models, maybe bump mapping and add the odd particle system. This is ok since I can get this setup quite easily but just wondered if anyone had any better ideas. Have you seen demos previously which impressed you and you can link me up with? In short, what is the best way to show off the results of a shadowing solution? Cheers guys and have a good new year!

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