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getdc() GDI query PART 2

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I'm trying to draw a rectangle in my game_main function, but I get the following error - error C2065: 'Getdc' : undeclared identifier It works in the pre-written examples I have, but in these it isn't used in a function so presumably I have to do something to have it recognised inside the game_main??? This is the game_main -
int Game_Main(void *parms = NULL, int num_parms = 0)

// Test if user is hitting ESC and send WM_CLOSE

// Draw rectangle
HWND hwnd;
//get DC
HDC hdc = Getdc(hwnd);
// create pen and brush
HPEN blue_pen = createpen(PS_SOLID, 1, RGB(0,0,255));
HBRUSH red_brush = createsolidbrush(RGB(255,0,0));
// select pen and brush into context
// draw rectangle
rectangle(hdc, 10,10, 20,20);

// return code

} // end Game_Main

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Thanks. I'm so used to VB.NET I forgot about case-sensitive C++!!!

It compiles and runs now, but no rectangle appearing???

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