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Water Reflection Issue

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I am having problems with my planar reflection to a water plane in my scene. For the most part I think I have got this correct including the projection of the scene (render texture) to the water plane itself. I have read through this thread as a as well as Yanns article. My issue arises when I modify the projection matrix to do the oblique culling (using the water plane) before the texture render. The depth of the rendered objects is totally screwed. I will show you a few pictures: In the below images I do not modify the projection matrix to do the oblique culling. This works perfectly but, as expected, I get artifacts on the water from certain angles. "Working" scene with no oblique technique "Working" scene render texture with no oblique culling If I modify the projection matrix my scene turns out like this: Broken scene with oblique technique used Broken scene render texture You can see in the broken scenes render texture that the depth is totally messed up. I don't get visual artifacts other than this problem with the depth of rendered items. Do I have to do something to the depth buffer before rendering the scene to the texture? I have reversed the cull mode before the texture render etc. The code I am using to modify the view matrix with a reflection matrix, make a clip plane in camera space and then modify the projection matrix to use the oblique frustum technique is:
HEMatrix Reflect, View, Proj, ViewReflect, Temp;
	HEVector Point, Normal, PP, PN, ClipPlane, q;
	// Use off-screen render target
	HADES->m_pRenderDevice->UseRenderTarget( App->m_RenderTargetID ); 

	// Get the current view and projection matrix
	HADES->m_pRenderDevice->GetMatrix( HEMAT_PPROJ0, Proj );
	HADES->m_pRenderDevice->GetMatrix( HEMAT_VIEW3D, View );

	/// Build and set reflection matrix on the XZ plane
	Reflect._22 = -1.0f;
	Reflect._42 = 2.0f * -2.0f;	
	ViewReflect = View * Reflect;
	HADES->m_pRenderDevice->SetMatrix( HEMAT_VIEW3D, ViewReflect );

	// Modify the projection matrix
	Point.Set( 0.0f, -2.0f, 0.0f, 1.0f );	// Point on plane
	Normal.Set( 0.0f, 1.0f, 0.0f, 1.0f );	// Water plane normal

	// Copy modified view matrix to temporary variable for 3X3 config.
	memcpy( &Temp._11, &ViewReflect._11, sizeof(float)*16 );	

	// Make temporary matrix 3X3 of ViewReflect
	Temp._14 = 0.0f;
	Temp._24 = 0.0f;
	Temp._34 = 0.0f;
	Temp._44 = 1.0f;
	Temp._41 = 0.0f;
	Temp._42 = 0.0f;
	Temp._43 = 0.0f;
	PP = Point * ViewReflect;
	PN = Normal * Temp;

	// This is in camera space
	ClipPlane.Set( PP.x, PP.y, PP.z, -(PP*PN) );

	// Calculate the clip-space corner point opposite the clipping plane
	// as (sgn(clipPlane.x), sgn(clipPlane.y), 1, 1) and
	// transform it into camera space by multiplying it
	// by the inverse of the projection matrix
	q.x = App->sgn(ClipPlane.x) / Proj._11;
	q.y = App->sgn(ClipPlane.y) / Proj._22;
	q.z = 1.0f;
	q.w = (1.0f - Proj._33) / Proj._43;
	// Calculate the scaled plane vector
	HEVector c = ClipPlane * (1.0f / (ClipPlane * q));
	// Replace the third column of the projection matrix
	Proj._13 = c.x;
	Proj._23 = c.y;
	Proj._33 = c.z;
	Proj._43 = c.w;

	// Set this as the projection matrix
	HADES->m_pRenderDevice->SetMatrix( HEMAT_PPROJ0, Proj );

    // Store the modified projection matrix
    HADES->m_pRenderDevice->GetMatrix( HEMAT_PPROJ0, App->m_ModProj );

After this code I flip the cull mode and render the scene to a texture. After that I set the view and projection matrices back, reflip the culling order and then render the scene as normal to the back buffer. For the water plane I project this rendered texture on to it. The render texture comes out with what I think are depth related problems though. Can anyone help me [smile]? I am using DirectX 9. The matrix class is 4X4 and the vector class is 4D. The water level is (0.0f, -2.0f, 0.0f) and the water plane normal is of course (0.0f, 1.0f, 0.0f) [Edited by - __Daedalus__ on January 1, 2005 5:28:34 PM]

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almost the same problem here.
i cant get the correct result when using oblique culling to modify the projection matrix.
here is the one with clip plane, and it works perfectly.

and if with oblique culling, the object just not flip correctly.

when i rotate my camera to a certain angle, the object is culled which is of course wrong! it seems that i get the wrong projection matrix before modifying.

it happened when the Yaw angle close with 90 and -90

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I used this article for the clipping. Might be able to help you. Cant see anything directly wrong with your code from a quick glance at it. Will have more of a look at it for you when get the chance.

Not too sure if the reflection in the first screenshot looks right or not. Looks a bit suspect to me but it might be right. Looks like theres too much of the rock showing in the reflection.

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