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Panda Exporter

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I have a problem when exporting from 3ds max 6 to a .x file using the Panda exporter. The characters have been designed in the following method: I used a low poly model from poser to start with and the head i modeled my self with max and attached it to the mesh. i made bones and skinned it with the skin modifier, made an animation and then exported it. When i exported the mesh it got deformed. it had a lot of spikes coming out as if i didn`t skin some vertices and they remained in the original position when moving, but the mesh was skinned good no vertices left out. I have other models, all modeled with max, some gave different probs on mesh and some were perfect no probs even with animation. I used for all the same method: mesh, texture, skin. I also tried biped and physique but the same prob remained. i don`t know if this problem is originating from my mesh or method or if it is coming from the exporter. i downloaded the latest version of panda exporter but still the same problem. I used symmetry only for the mesh then collapsed it in order to make it one whole thing not half. The bones i created them normally without symmetry then placed them in the mesh. I experimented more on the meshes and the one with the stomach prob i solved. i deleted a bone which was situated at the location where the shaking was then created another. it was simple but i cant recall if i had already done it and the prob re occured , but till now its ok. The one which wasnt loading, i deleted the head which was made all in max and was attached to the low poly poser model. Then i caped the neck exported with the animation and loaded it in mesh view, it loaded. But then i experimented a few more trying to load it again with the head as another object and detaced but didn`t load. So i tried to load it one last time witouh the head and it didnt load again , so then i said i think the prob wasnt in the head, its the exporter playing tricks on me! One last thing, the mesh loads alone without being skinned to the bones but as soon as i skin it and try to load it doesnt load at all! I still cant get hold of these probs and i wish if anyone has an idea. Thanks

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