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Transitional effects

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ok if youve played an RPG in your life time you know what im talking about, those cool whoosh effects when you start a battle i think that would be somthing cool to add to my game rather then just an instant trasition problem is that i have no idea on how to do this? i have a very simple a black "box" come over the screen starting at the left but other then that im not quite sure how to do anything more thanks[smile] EDIT: i actually got a pretty cool effect by randomly drawing a line on the screen and not updating anything else like so:
            SDL_Surface* Blinder = IMG_Load("BMPs/Blind.PNG");// a line that is 480 pixles long
            SDL_Rect Blind_Rect = {0,0,0,0};
            for (int I = 0;I < 350; I++)
                SDL_Flip(screen);//to update only this
                Blind_Rect.x = rand()% 640;//seeded to the tick count

im still open to other ideas though EDIT2: actually i just found one i really like i did the above technique except instead of just a line i made a picture with a black back and spraypainted on some white blotches in paint then colorkeyed out the black and blitted it and it gives me a pretty cool effect [Edited by - raptorstrike on January 1, 2005 8:09:48 PM]

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I use OpenGL, not Direct3D, but the way I handled transitions is just to copy the framebuffer into a texture (or series of textures, depending on hardware support) and then during rendering, draw the old frame, appropriately transformed (Faded, distorted, melted, whatever) and then the new frame.

You can see it in action when "New Game" is clicked/cancelled

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