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some stupid mistake by stupid me

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I'm trying to compile some code, and i have this at beggining: #include <windows.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <dinput.h> #include "resource.h" IDirectInput8 *g_pDI; // DirectInput component IDirectInputDevice8 *g_pDIDevice; // Keyboard device (...) and while trying to compile it gives me 'syntax error: missing ; before *' and so on. dx fails to initialise. I'm using VC++ 6.0. I've included (dxsdkdir)/include in include options, same for (dxsdkdir)/lib. I've included dxguid.lib and dinput8.lib in project settings/library modules. I really have no idea what am i forgetting. will you help poor n00b? ;)

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Assuming you have the DirectX 8.x or 9.x SDK installed...

I've included (dxsdkdir)/include in include options, same for (dxsdkdir)/lib

You also need to move those paths to the *top* of the lists.

MSVC 6 searches the paths in Tools->Options->Directories... in sequential order, so if the paths for the DirectX SDK are not at the top of those lists, then it will find the "dinput.h" file from the old Windows 98 beta Platform SDK which comes with MSVC 6 which only contains headers for DirectX 5.

Also, *before* you #include the "dinput.h" file, you should do a:


so that the correct version of the interfaces and structures is exposed.

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ooh... another problem:

error: directplay8create: unideclared identifier.

I'm trying to learn from pre-made code. i've looked up the file in 'dplay8.h', and found this section:

* This function is no longer supported. It is recommended that CoCreateInstance be used to create
* DirectPlay8 objects.
* extern HRESULT WINAPI DirectPlay8Create( const CLSID * pcIID, void **ppvInterface, IUnknown *pUnknown );

the same for directplay8addresscreate

help again, pretty please?


and i have already found answer to that. on gamedev forums, too ;)
sorry for being such whine ass ;P

[Edited by - EliteWarriorManTis on January 2, 2005 2:27:15 PM]

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