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image editing

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hi, i'm really new at image processing and i was hoping that someone here could teach me, or lend me any JAVA or C code which will allow me to edit an image pixel by pixel. i would really appreciate all the help i can get. thank you very much. p.s. this is for my undergraduate thesis... i nid help. thanks again.

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This code reads a 32-bit RGBA .tga image, and lets you manipulate the pixels. It does not error-check the format (i e, other formats will cause undefined behavior):

#include <stdio.h>

class TgaImage {

unsigned short tgaHeader[9];
unsigned int * pixels;
unsigned int xSize;
unsigned int ySize;


TgaImage( char const * path ) {
FILE * f = fopen( path, "rb" );
fread( tgaHeader, 2, 9, f );
xSize = tgaHeader[6];
ySize = tgaHeader[7];
pixels = new unsigned int[ xSize*ySize ];
fread( pixels, 4, xSize*ySize, f );
fclose( f );
~TgaImage() {
delete[] pixels;

unsigned int pixelAt( unsigned int x, unsigned int y ) const {
return pixels[x+y*xSize];

void setPixelAt( unsigned int x, unsigned int y, unsigned int pixel ) {
pixels[x+y*xSize] = pixel;


On x86 hardware, the pixel format is 0xaarrggbb, i e 0xff000000 would be opaque black, and 0x0000ff00 would be bright green.

Disclaimer: I typed this code into the posting box from scratch.

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thanks, i wil try that. ü anyway, describing specifically what i plan to do: i actually nid a (java or c) code snippet because i will just be embedding that method into a larger system. i have just a implemented a skin color detection program and the output of that program is that it identifies each pixel as to whether it is under skin color or not. what i would like to do is to edit the same image that i used, convert all pixels that were determined to be skin into white and all the rest into black, is there any way to do that? thanks.

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Use an image processing library such as NexgenIPL (click "Products" in the navigation bar to get to the download page). Writing your own image load/save/manipulation code is time-consuming and error-prone. A library that takes care of this part will let you focus on your manipulation algorithm.

Good luck,

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