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A Concept of the Rasteriser i am writing? Does it seem good to you?

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Hi everyone, i would just like to run something past you. A brief concept i plan to use in my next rasteriser is as so: 1. A rasteriser is an object in itself. 2. It carries an internal list of the vertices to be rendered in batches. 3. Each batch is basically a wrapped vertex buffer. 4. Each batch will also contain a pointer to an effect from an effect list. 5. The effect list contains all the different possible looks for any set of vertices. 6. Each effect is an object that becomes full of the 'effect' when the effects are loaded from a scripted file. 7. The rasteriser will initially just run through the list applying the necessary effect then render the vertices from the wrapped vertex buffer. A couple of questions i would like to ask: 1) Obviously with this design, in theory you could have a zillion wrapped vertex buffers, which is bad. Is there an easy way, other than memcpy()'ing of concatenating two VBs together, so that once the list is sorted, u can reduce the number of VBs used. any help is appreciated, thanks ace

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