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LunaticPython - Lua + Python!

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Why argue over which one to use, when you can use both? ;) http://moin.conectiva.com.br/LunaticPython
"2. Introduction Lunatic Python is a two-way bridge between Python and Lua, allowing these languages to intercommunicate. Being two-way means that it allows Lua inside Python, Python inside Lua, Lua inside Python inside Lua, Python inside Lua inside Python, and so on. 3. Why? Right now this is an experiment. Let me know if you find some real usage for it."
Example from that page:
>>> import lua
>>> lg = lua.globals()
>>> lg.string
<Lua table at 0x81c6a10>
>>> lg.string.lower
<Lua function at 0x81c6b30>
>>> lg.string.lower("Hello world!")
'hello world!'

>>> d = {}
>>> lg.d = d
>>> lua.execute("d['key'] = 'value'")
>>> d
{'key': 'value'}

>>> d2 = lua.eval("d")
>>> d is d2

>>> lua.eval("python")
<Lua table at 0x81c7540>

>>> class MyClass: pass
>>> obj = MyClass()
>>> obj
<__main__.MyClass instance at 0x403ccb4c>
>>> lua.eval(r"python.eval('lua.eval(\"python.eval(\'obj\')\")')")
<__main__.MyClass instance at 0x403ccb4c>

I think that last line alone should be enough. ;)

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Guest Anonymous Poster
I may not have to hate Blender3D with a fiery passion from now on!

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